TL-2000 STING RG - The Whole Aicraft is ...

Ultralight aircraft TL-2000 STING RG

The Sting RG offers a ground breaking optional in flight adjustable propeller which is electronically controlled needing no pilot input normally only available on aircraft costing hundreds of thousands.

The Whole Aicraft is made from Carbon Fibre. The elegant and perfectly aerodynamically shaped TL-2000 Sting RG was designed to achieve the highest speed of flight.

The Sting RG really is the fastest Czech Ultralight and its maximum speed in horizontal flight of about 285 km/h and its not definitely the last word. Interresting is also speed of flight from minimum 63 km/h to insuperable speed 305 km/h which gives pilots of all abilities the opportunity to operate within their skill levels and to fly from grass strips or tarmac.

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